The Rap Game

Young contestants are pushed to the challenge when they enter this reality show about what it really means to be in the Hiphop/ Rap industry

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - The Rap Game
"Set in Atlanta\u2019s hip hop scene, The Rap Game follow five young hip hop artists, ages 12 to 16 years old, as they work with Dupri and special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, Da Brat, T.I. and Silent\u00f3, to become the next big, young rap star."
"The young rappers are tasked with writing and recording a rap about Atlanta; and one kid struggles to stay awake while another cheats in hopes of getting ahead. Meanwhile, the parents begin to size each other up."
"The young rappers work with Jermaine Dupri's stylist in order to define their style and brand on a budget. Later, the parents react to a cheating scandal."
"Teen rapper Silento visits; and the kids are paired together for a collaborative performance at a high-school pep rally. Later, tensions escalate as one manager takes control."
"In the Season 1 finale, Jermaine Dupri must decide which young rapper to sign to So So Def Recordings. Meanwhile, the kids face off in a rap battle and perform for industry insiders like Da Brat."
"Jermaine and the young rappers reunite to recount the most dramatic moments from Season 1."
Season 2 - The Rap Game
"Seven new artists prepare for a 10-week rapper boot camp where they compete for a contract with So So Def; guests Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and Da Brat lend their expertise."
"The five rappers write about their city; two parents come head to head; one young rapper struggles; guests Nelly and Monica."
"Queen Latifah gives the rappers a lesson on image; the rappers compete to be on the cover of a hip hop magazine; one parent manager butts heads with her artist."
"Only one week away from choosing his next So So Def artist, Jermaine Dupri gives the young rappers their final assignment-create a stage show in front of a huge audience. Flo Rida and Mariah Carey stop by to give the kids their final words of advice before their big performance."
Season 3 - The Rap Game
"Five artists join Jermaine Dupri for his 13-week rapper boot camp to compete for a contract with So So Def; the rappers try to make a good first impression on Fabolous; one young rapper shocks everyone."
"Rappers iHeartMemphis and iAmDLOW give the contestants a lesson on generating buzz; the artists are challenged to create a signature dance that they must write, record and shoot a viral video for; one young artist struggles with dancing."
"JD brings the group to his interview with The Durtty Boyz at Hot 107.9, where they throw the kids an unexpected challenge. With the threat of elimination, one rapper gets shaken to the core."
"JD mixes up the management teams, and then challenges the young rappers to write, record, and shoot a music video with past The Rap Game winners Miss Mulatto and Mani. Can Ekko help Roscoe make it to the top or will Jasmine and Deetranada blow everyone's minds?"
"JD splits the young rappers into two teams and challenges them to perform at a high school halftime show."
"Kelly Rowland and her personal trainer Mr. Shut Up and Train visit the five young rappers. Later, JD tests the kids' on both their mental and physical stamina in the Catch the Beat challenge. Will Kelly's advice help the kids take their performance to the next level?"
"After thirteen weeks of grueling challenges, the artists prepare for the biggest moment of their lives -- the final performance. JD makes his decision and awards one young rapper the chain and a contract with So So Def."
Season 4 - The Rap Game
"In the Season 4 premiere, Jermaine Dupri's five new artists are tested on their foundation; and despite getting advice from Bow Wow, Ricci Bitti makes a huge mistake"
"Jermaine Dupri challenges the youngsters to rap with legendary beatboxer Doug E. Fresh; Lil Bri fights to keep her spot at the top."
"Jermaine gives his young rappers the chance to create a song from scratch with producer Zaytoven and have their works broadcast on the radio; Ricci and her manager must shape up before Jermaine ships them out."
"The five young rappers perform for a hidden focus group, then use the group's feedback for an even bigger performance; Jordan and Rap-Unzel struggle to remember their lyrics despite Da Brat's help."
"JD gives the young artists a lesson on teamwork and throws them into the center of the ring at the UniverSoul Circus; Lil Bri steps into the leadership role; Jordan's constant battle with memorization takes a toll on the group."
"JD switches up the teams and challenges them to to come up with their own signature dances, write raps and shoot viral videos; despite their differences, Tiki and Bri are forced to work together."
"JD challenges the young rappers to find their own personal style and brand, starting from a blank canvas: white t-shirt and jeans."
"JD challenges the rappers to use their voices as instruments and perform with drummer Tony Royster Jr. and 60 classical musicians from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Street Bud and Ricci Bitti struggle to remember their lyrics."
"D challenges the artists to show their star power and takes in Keke Palmer and director Benny Boom to work with the kids on their new music video."
"JD pairs the youngsters with artists from previous seasons to compete in a rap battle as duos; Lil Bri attempts to overcome last week's poor Hit List placement; Ricci Bitti struggles to get her partner on the same page."
"JD splits the five young rappers into boys and girls teams, then challenges them to perform at a Sweet 16 birthday party; Ricci and Rapunzel try to squash their beef and put on a great show; Street attempts to work with suave Jordan."
"JD lines up a press tour for the youngsters featuring an interview with actress-singer Teyana Taylor; Jordan tries to find the balance between his swagged-out new persona and humble roots."
"The young rappers apply everything they have learned the past 12 weeks in a final performance to show JD who deserves to be signed to his label."
Season 5 - The Rap Game
"In an unprecedented premiere, Jermaine Dupri\u2019s rap boot camp kicks off with surprise after surprise, including a head-to-head cypher and a visit from R&B sensation, Jacquees. For the first time in Rap Game history, the young rappers must battle for a spot in the house."
"Rap superstar visits the Rap Game house as the kids are tested in their physical and mental strength. Sparks fly between two young rappers, and Jermaine Dupri announces a shocking twist to the hit lists."
"The Rap Game\u2019s first ever lesson in storytelling kicks off as the artists rap classic children\u2019s books to preschoolers. Then, the tables turn as the artists dive into their own pasts to write stories of their own to record in the studio. Plus, an unprecedented battle has one mom taking shots at the rest of the house, while another flies off the handle."
"The five young rappers are split into teams and must plan out a promposal for local high school students in Atlanta. Then, the teams must pull off a huge performance at the high school\u2019s senior prom. When some of the artists choke onstage, JD challenges two artists to battle for a spot on the Hit List."
"After the kids get caught looking plain by the paparazzi, JD brings in celebrity stylist April Roomet to help the artists find their look. The rappers bring their all to the photoshoot, but JD makes the top two battle for the feature in Popstar Magazine. Battle lines are crossed, which throws the house into chaos about what is and isn\u2019t off limits in a battle."
"Hip-hop superstar Lil Jon celebrates the So So Def 25th anniversary as a shocking writing scandal makes waves throughout the house. Two artists go head to head in an unprecedented battle that threatens to shatter a friendship."
"Hip-hop legend Killer Mike visits for a powerful lesson as JD challenges the kids to make a viral video with an important message. The managers and swap artists as one young rapper struggles with the dramatic change."
"JD challenges the five young rappers to perform in front of the press as they fight to stay in the Rap Game house. A scary medical emergency reminds the rappers and managers what's really at stake. For the first time ever, one rapper is sent home before the final performance."
"The remaining four rappers must prove they have enough star power to perform alongside Season 3 winner, Nova; tension between the managers hits an all-time high as one manager strategically causes chaos in the house."
"XScape and Rhapsody join as the remaining three finalists go head-to-head in the ultimate final performances; after 10 weeks of grueling challenges and eliminations, only one young artist will prove worthy of the So So Def contract and chain."
"JD and Da Brat reveal new music videos and insight from the cast, never before seen clips, hilarious games, and behind the scenes commentary from the craziest, most emotional season yet."