Obsession: Dark Desires

Obsessions form in all different kinds of ways. It could be a date, an interview, or even just a passing on the street. In this bone-chilling series they will show real life stories of obsession told by the victims.

Genre: Documentary , Drama

Country: USA , UK

Duration: 43 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Obsession: Dark Desires
"A 19-year-old single mother begins receiving threatening messages on her beeper."
"A pregnant woman receives threatening phone calls."
"A hired hand becomes obsessed with his employer."
"A woman fights back against a man who is obsessed with her."
"An opera singer becomes the victim of a cyber stalker."
"A woman learns that her dream apartment has a frightening dark side."
"A karaoke-business owner becomes the victim of a customer's obsession."
"A jilted student begins a secret video project about the girl who rejected him."
"A woman fears that the man stalking her may be a serial killer."
"A high-school cheerleader becomes the victim of a dangerous stalker."
Season 2 - Obsession: Dark Desires
"Heather, a grocery store barista, has just began dating her most recent hire, Arturo. But as time goes by, Arturo is unable to hide his dark side. His obsession with Heather comes at the expense of their relationship, his job - and her life."
"When Rose moves out of her parents' home, she is excited to expand her horizons. She soon meets 21-year-old Mike who introduces her to the world of punk music and parties. But when he turns violent, Rose gets caught up in his obsessive trap."
"Linda, a special ed teacher, has taught Todd for years. With learning problems and a temper, Todd only wants Linda to teach him. Torn between helping him and protecting herself, Linda's world turns upside down when Todd's obsession comes knocking."
"In the Spring of 2003, 37-year-old single mother Karen Richardt has a chance meeting with her Brooklyn neighbor Carlito Perez. But when Karen tries to distance herself, no one could have predicted the deadly cycle of violence he would unleash."
"Krystal is a teacher and practicing Pagan living happily with her husband Bill. When she takes part in a local Wiccan-themed TV show, she catches the eye of the show's host. As his keen interest turns into obsession, he vows to claim her as his own."
"41-year-old single mother Patty is excited about a new chapter in her life when she begins dating one of her customers, Vietnam veteran Dale. But when he becomes violent on their first date, she is quickly sent into a desperate struggle for survival."
"Tara opens a chilling text from a nameless sender; someone who knows her and means her harm. As she fights to protect herself and her family from this invisible enemy, she begins to question everyone - especially those closest to her."
"Everything is looking up for 27-year-old Kisha Kelly after she buys her first home in Dallas, Texas. But within days of moving in, she encounters the former owner of the property and immediately realizes he's taken on a deadly obsession."
"When New York attorney Marc successfully defends a client, he has no idea that her gratitude will soon become a nightmare. As a talented impersonator, Marc's ex-client causes chaos and suffering in a terrifying mission to win his affection."
"When US postal worker Kim accepts a ride to the Orange County fair from a quiet co-worker, she has no idea that she will become the center of a terrifying campaign of stalking, harassment, and obsession."
Season 3 - Obsession: Dark Desires
"A landscaper with an obsession for his client won't take no for an answer."
"When young professional Hannah moves into the house of her dreams, her privacy is shattered after a mysterious man begins filming her through her window. As his obsessive and threatening behavior escalates, she gambles on a violent confrontation."
"When maternal senior psychiatric nurse Maria Jordan fires erratic, heroin-addicted junior nurse Denis Czajkowski, it triggers an all-consuming obsession with Maria that culminates in him holding her hostage for an unimaginably bloody 48 hours."
"While 18-year-old Jennifer is recovering from a brain tumor, she's visited by a member of her congregation, reformed ex-con Bill. But her gratitude soon turns to fear as it becomes obvious Bill wants to keep Jennifer as his own -- forever."
"Evimer, a beautiful young woman afraid of love, meets a handsome stranger who she soon falls deeply for. But his charm turns to violent jealousy and Ramon becomes convinced that if he cannot have Evie, nobody can."
"Sarah is dating a young, handsome pastor but soon discovers her preacher man is hiding unholy secrets on a biblical scale. He is prepared to silence Sarah and her whole family to stop her leaving him."
"A Texas politician and his wife are stalked by their private pilot, who will stop at nothing to destroy them."
"Kaylyn is an introverted high school student, bullied by the popular kids and struggling to fit in. But then she finds the perfect soulmate in newcomer Paul. Sharing a passion for comics and escapism, they fall in love but when Kaylyn starts a new life at college, Paul becomes increasingly jealous. Unable to contain his simmering rage, Paul will turn his car into a deadly weapon and leave Kaylyn's life hanging by a thread."
"Single mom Mary Lynn falls for divorcee Edmonds, but early on she realizes there is something not quite right about his 10 year old son, Tennent. What she doesn't know is that Tennent doesn't just like Mary Lynn, he wants to become her. It's the beginning of a terrifying 22 year obsession that will devastate both families."
Season 4 - Obsession: Dark Desires
"When Idaho hairdresser Makaela Zabel-Gravatt begins cutting the hair of truck driver Christopher Wirfs, little does she realize that it signals the start of a two-year long nightmare that will end in the most heart-stopping and disturbing way."
"When a single mother of two bumps into her old schoolmate, she thinks she's met her soul mate. But his charm hides a possessive, violent man. After they separate, his obsession deepens and she fights to protect her family."
"When Olympic gold medalist Sheila Taormina agrees to help wannabe triathlete James Ludham, she doesn't know he wants more than just coaching. His dark fantasies take over her life until she has no other choice but to face him, and her fears, head on."
"Katie Call's life spirals into a terrifying nightmare as her ex, Todd, refuses to accept the collapse of their relationship. Without her knowing, he hides video cameras and microphones in her home, biding his time to wreak a bloody revenge."
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