Married... with Children

Al Bundy is a misanthropic women's shoe salesman with a miserable life. He hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is dysfunctional (especially with women), and his daughter is dim-witted and promiscuous.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: David Garrison

Director: Ron Leavitt , Michael G. Moye

Country: USA

Duration: 22 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1987

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Married... with Children
"In this pilot we meet Al and Peg Bundy, a very dysfunctional Chicago family. In the pilot, Al and Peg, who have no friends, meet their new neighbors Steve and Marcy Rhoades. Steve and Marcy are a very happily married couple until they learn from the Bundys."
"Marcy gives Peggy the book \"Thinnergy\", which is a book about health. Very inspired by the book, Peggy goes on a diet and tries to convince the family to join in, but they refuse. When the diet makes Peggy really annoying, Steve convinces Al to join the diet, and persuades Peggy to quit."
"The Bundys and the Rhoades' hear of crime in the neighborhood. Al buys a gun, and the Rhoades' buy a dog. Al hears a noise and accidentally kills the dog, thinking it was a burglar."
"Steve and Marcy plan on adding another room to their house with their tax refund. Al tries to coax Steve into building a pool room, while Peg and Marcy decide on an exercise room. Who will win?"
"Al and Steve draw closer together when they try to restore a 1965 Mustang. Peg and Marcy on the other hand can't stop from despising their husbands."
"Al is unable to purchase a gift for Peg on their 16th wedding anniversary as his credit card seemed to be maxed out."
"In an attempt to spice up their marriage, Al and Peg check in at a hotel, while Steve and Marcy babysit Bud and Kelly. The Rhoades' learn that babysitting the young Bundys is a mistake when the kids turn their home into a rioting party."
"Al invites Steve to play poker, but Steve ends up losing his paycheck to Al. Afraid to tell Marcy the truth, Steve tries to convince Peggy to give him the check back."
"Peg wants a VCR and Al won't get it for her. She ends up working at a department store for money, which disrupts her and Al's relationship."
"Al spends some time at Luke Ventura's apartment after running out from a fight with Peg."
"Steve is away on business and Marcy is having sexual fantasies with Al involuntarily. Marcy becomes so disgusted and she tells Peg, who tries to give her tips on how to avoid them."
"After thinking that his boss is dead, Al tries to find another job unless he gets some appreciation and credit for his work."
"Al and Peggy delay going to a closing of their favorite hamburger joint when Bud and Kelly run into a problem. Meanwhile, Steve and Marcy prepare a party for some executive big-shots."
Season 2 - Married... with Children
"In the second season opener, the Bundys go to a sleazy, dumpy motel in Dumpwater Florida. Trouble head their way when an axe murderer, who hates tourists, arrives."
"Peg is kidnapped by the axe murderer and it's up to Al to save her."
"Al and Steve visit the vault at Steve's bank and the next day, one million dollars is reported missing. Peg and the kids hear about it and worship Al thinking that he stole the money and that they are now a wealthy family."
"One of the Bundys neighbors threaten to sue when Buck the dog mates with their dog, and asks the Bundys to neuter Buck, which Al refuses to do."
"Marcy and Steve have a fight, which leads to Marcy joining Peggy and her friends going to a strip club, where Marcy accidentally loses her wedding ring ... down a stripper's pants."
"A stripper shows up at Al's with Marcy's wedding ring. Al convinces Steve to make Marcy feel guilty about losing it, and confronts Peg about what she was doing at the strip club."
"The phone company cuts off the phone service to the Bundy household after Al refuses to pay for a phone call he did not make. This annoys Peggy, Kelly, and the rest of the neighborhood."
"Al fails his test for renewing his license on the same day Kelly gets hers."
"Peg meets and old rival from high school and their two families face off at a bowling match to see who the real loser is. With the Bundy team being one player short, Steve has to step in to help."
"A fight with Marcy about his newly grown beard makes Steve spend a few nights at the Bundy household, which everyone is happy about, except Peggy and Marcy."
"Al tries to improve Peg's softball skills while Kelly's boyfriend asks her to prove her love to him by getting a tattoo."
"Bud meets a 21 year old art student in the park and brings her to the Bundy household. Everybody seems to like her but Marcy, who plans to get rid of her."
"This Christmas episode tells about Santa Claus, who is late showing up at the mall. His parachute doesn't open up and he falls off his sleigh and onto the Bundy property ... dead."
"Al and Steve have to go out to the streets looking for Marcy's old Barbie doll, that they traded for two rare baseball cards, not knowing that Marcy wanted to keep the doll."
"A mouse finds its way into the Bundy home. Too manly and proud to hire an exterminator, Al sets on killing the mouse, even if it means he has to tear the house down and damage it to shreds."
"When the mailman delivers a credit card pre-approved for Buck the Dog, the Bundys go on a spending spree."
"On Valentines day, Bud awaits his first valentine, Kelly has a load of valentines to choose from, Steve plans on taking Marcy to Hawaii, and Peg wants Al to say \"I love you\" to her."
"The Bundy home is fumigated for termites, forcing the family to spend the night in the shoe store, where a grounded Kelly tends to sneak out to get to a rock concert."
"Marcy dents Steve's new Mercedes and heavily regrets it. Revenge brings Steve to claim she made him impotent and he uses her as his personal servant."
"Having filled in an application for the Rhoades' to be on a game show, Al and Peg appear on the game show for newlyweds - \"How Do I Love Thee\", portraying Steve and Marcy."
"Al tries to keep his race track winnings a secret, while Peg starts taking money from Al's wallet."
"Peg's hillbilly relatives from Wanker County pay a visit. Fighting uncles, singing triplet aunts, whose showbiz career is threatened by Al's inputs, and Al is trying all he can to watch the John Wayne film \"Hondo.\""
Season 3 - Married... with Children
"In the third season opener, Al learns that he has had a copy of \"The Little Engine That Could\" since 1957 and when he goes to return it, he finds the same fat librarian that was there in 1957."
"Peg thinks she might have seen Elvis at the mall and Marcy notices a pit stain shaped like him on Al's shirt. Elvis fans come flocking around just to see it."
"A high school football player is threatening to break the record Al set for Polk High."
"A nice weekend away for the Rhoades' and the Bundys turns into misery when Peg, Kelly and Marcy all have their period at the same time, torturing the men."
"Al plans on building his dream - an executive's type of bathroom in the garage."
"Al and Steve head off to a fancy boutique to get Peggy a new bra for her birthday."
"Steve fears he is losing his hair, and convinces Al that the same thing is happening to him."
"When a psychic's predictions all come true for Al, Peggy and Steve, Marcy fears that what the psychic told her will come true - her death."
"Al grows his hair when his barber dies, and fears he is turning into a \"sissy\" just because he has to go to salons."
"In the infamous 'lost episode', Al and Peg learn they have been video taped getting intimate at a sleazy motel. The same thing has also happened to Steve and Marcy. They decide to take the matter to court."
"The Bundys inherit some money from a relative and decides to go to a fancy restaurant, but Al accidentally forgets his wallet. It is up to Bud and Kelly to go back and get the wallet, but they decide to ditch their parents at the restaurant, unable to pay the bill."
"Peg goes to Kelly's school for mother-daughter day and talks about the joy of being a housewife, meanwhile Bud has to learn the value of a dollar after breaking the Rhoades' window."
"Kelly has to tap dance at a dance recital because of a prank she pulled."
"Al gets a second job in an attempt to make more money than Peg after she starts earning money selling 'Patty Girl' cosmetics."
"Steve gives a driver \"the finger\" and fears that the man will beat him up."
"Steve and Marcy ask Peggy to look over their house, but when a moving company asks for \"Steves Roadhouse\", Peggy allows the company to tow away the Rhoades' home, and they have to spend a night at the Bundys - where Kelly is having a slumber party."
"Al and Peggy go to their high school reunion. Peggy wants to be prom queen and she spent a lot of money calling old friends and buying new clothes to gain votes. But when she thinks she has the majority of the votes, her rival Connie Bender appears and surprises Peg with the fact that Connie is now in the lead to be prom queen."
"Peggy tries desperately to get more votes but it seems that most of the people are going to vote for Connie. Bud and Kelly ask Marcy and Steve about the sixties and after some history, Bud and Kelly dress up as hippies and visit the prom. Al runs into his old rival Jack, who appears to be Connie's husband, and Al and Jack decides to fight outside. Meanwhile, Peg rigs the election ... will she win?"
"Bud tries to find a girl who will date him when both of his friends have dates."
"Steve and Marcy convince Peggy to buy a computer for the family, but nobody uses it."
"When the family visit the beach, Al meets an ex-girlfriend and Bud and Kelly both look for dates."
"When all the women in the neighborhood gets peeped on except Peggy, she gets really jealous and eventually puts out a ladder, milk, and cookies for the him. Meanwhile Al convinces Bud to stop fooling Kelly and actually help her with her studies."
Season 4 - Married... with Children
"Marcy's dead aunt's ashes end up in the Labor Day hamburgers."
"Peggy wins a free health week with the healthiest man in Chicago, but ends up converting him to her lifestyle, and he drops dead."
"Kelly and Bud try to raise money to got to a concert. Kelly's scheme involves playing poker against Peggy's friends and Bud makes Al take a bunch of kids camping."
"Al goes to Marcy's dentist and finds that he has a relationship with his assistant."
"Peggy talks to a woman at a beauty parlor, and becomes convinced that Al is cheating on her, with that woman."
"The Bundys lets a foreign exchange student live in their home for the weekly $500 that the government will pay them, but the french girl ends up ruining Kelly's social life."
"A Playboy model visits the shoe store and Al wants to find out which issue she is in, but Peggy sold his Playboy collection and Al has to convince her to get the magazines back."
"Steve risks his job when Al takes a $50,000 loan from Steve's bank to start a shoe hotline."
"Al decides to get a new car, but finds out that Peggy spent all his saved up money, and he has to buy an old, used car."
"Steve spends time at the zoo with the Bundys instead of looking for a job, which upsets Marcy."
"Al has finally saved up enough money to buy Christmas gifts for everyone, but a few late customers to the shoe store makes Al unable to get to the bank."
"Al gets a visit from a guardian angel and discovers what the Bundy household would look like if he was never born."
"Al's pride and \"do-it-yourself\" beliefs annoys the rest of the family when Al decides to fix the leaking roof himself."
"After Peggy lied on the Bundy taxes, Al has to find a quick way to raise money for the audit, and when a couple offers good money for Peggy's hair, Al must find a way to convince her."
"Kelly becomes a rock and roll singer with Bud as her agent."
"Peggy takes Marcy on a trip to Las Vegas to get over her divorce from Steve."
"Al, Bud and Kelly arrive in Las Vegas to find Peg and Marcy completely broke, and they must find a way to raise some money to get back home."
"Bud tries to get revenge on a girl who humiliated him years ago."
"Al plans a special evening for Peggy's birthday by taking her out to the Bowlarama where he hopes to finally beat his arch rival's high game score. Al beats the score, but minutes later, Peggy bowls a perfect game, destroying Al's self-esteem."
"Peggy must repeat Home Ec class to get her high school diploma."
"Kelly gets a new job as a weather girl at a local news station."
"Al has to judge a beauty contest at the shoe store and has nightmares about feet. Meanwhile, Kelly tricks Bud and Marcy into thinking they slept with each other."
"After discovering Peggy's latest purchases, Al throws a yard sale to get rid of a lot of the junk, but no one is interested."
Season 5 - Married... with Children
"The Bundys get stuck in traffic on Labor Day."
"Al and Kelly pretend to be sick so they can avoid going with Peggy and Bud to Wanker County, but Kelly ends up really getting sick and Al has to care for her for the entire week which interrupts Al's fantasies of being with two beautiful women."
"After Al decides he doesn't need insurance, Bud gets in an accident and they counter sue the other driver with Marcy as a witness."
"Al's softball team wants to bench him before the big championship, but Peggy, Kelly and Bud hold three of the required votes to omit him. Peggy is swayed by the hunk who will replace Al, while it takes food to get the kids' votes."
"Al doesn't mind Peggy going out with Marcy every night to a ballroom dance hall and dance the night away with a handsome man named Andy, until another man, named Pete, tells Al that Peggy is stealing someone's husband - his."
"Kelly auditions for a job as a spokesperson for the new Allante car."
"Al gets a visit from small green aliens who steal his socks."
"A rabbit destroys Al's fantasy of having a vegetable garden."
"Al become the neighborhood stud when some women see him move a couch."
"Kelly moves out after Al beats up yet another of her boyfriends. This upsets Peggy, who becomes an overprotective mom, to Bud's dislike."
"Al and Peggy try to have another baby after a dead relative promised $500,000 to the couple who provide an heir named after him."
"Marcy wakes up after a drunken night and finds herself married to Jefferson."
"Al becomes the neighborhood godfather when Kelly starts dating a 41-year-old man with the right connections."
"Buck brings a female dog into the house, and feels neglected when the family only care about the new dog."
"Al is horrified when Peggy completely redecorates his bathroom, turning it pink."
"Al gets a job as a security guard at Polk High, but gets fired after the championship trophy is stolen by Al's old nemesis."
"Al goes crazy trying to remember the name of a song he heard on the radio."
"Al has to choose whether to spend his money on Bud's visit to the White House or letting Kelly enter a Miss Weenie Tot contest."
"Al and Peggy take over Marcy's house when they go to watch a movie there. Meanwhile, Bud takes a girl to a concert and Kelly babysits a lot of horrible children."
"In a spinoff attempt of Married ... with Children, we follow the lives of Charlie and Vinnie Verducci. Charlie wants Vinnie to marry rich to get a better life and they go to a formal fund raiser to meet rich women."
"Al buys a cheap old air conditioner which leads to a massive blackout in the entire neighborhood, forcing the Bundy's to move into a supermarket."
"The Bundys and the D'Arcys face off to see who can spend the $1,000 shopping spree first. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly bother celebrity Jerry Mathers who judges the contest."
"The Bundy car breaks down in New Mexico and they have to call Marcy and Jefferson for help."
"The Bundys and the D'Arcys face the effects of greed as they discover a gold mine in the desert."
"A man offers the Bundys $10,000 if they allow Buck to breed with his dog."
Season 6 - Married... with Children
"Marcy and Peggy discover they are both pregnant, to Jefferson's joy and Al's horror."
"Al runs off to a bus station to escape Peggy's constant demands, and Jefferson does the same by running away from Marcy."
"Al builds a private room for himself, using the Bundy hammer. Meanwhile, Bud starts going by \"Grandmaster B,\" but nobody can remember his nickname right."
"In order to earn money for a competition, Kelly hustle men for money by playing pool."
"Peggy and Marcy go out on a journey to buy back all of Marcy's childhood furniture, which Jefferson sold."
"Peggy gets jealous of Buck when the family pay him all the attention, and she flees home to Wanker County."
"Bud and Kelly convince Al to get glasses after a few minor accidents."
"After having a vision of God, Al starts building the perfect shoes."
"Kelly gets her own talk show and the other networks become interested in it."
"Kelly goes to Hollywood, but her show gets slaughtered by the censors."
"Al gets a job as a private detective and is framed for murder."
"Peggy thinks Al is having an affair, so she sends the kids to spy on him."
"Al discovers that he truly has no possessions of his own, and decides to get back one of the things that truly meant a lot to him - his championship game ball."
"Bud dates an extreme sporter and the D'Arcys play a relationship board game with Peggy and Al."
"Al gets to star in an athletic shoe commericial."
"In traditional male Bundy bonding, Al takes Bud to the nudie bar on his 18th birthday."
"Steve Rhoades returns to reclaim his wife, but is shocked to find out that Marcy remarried. The Bundys argue whether friendship is more important than money when they find out that Steve is on the run from the police for stealing a rare egg from a national park."
"Bud wins a \"\"Dinner with Anthrax\"\" contest and sends away Al and Peg on a timeshare vacation to Florida while Anthrax visit the house."
"Jefferson lets Al in on his psychic phone scam but the Bundys soon take over the business."
"Bud is suspicious when Kelly is invited to a party for smart people."
"Bud juggles two women at once, one being Miss McGowen, his English teacher. Meanwhile, the family ignores Peggy when she is sick and Al gets free pizza by attending children's birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese."
"Kelly gets a job at an amusement park. Meanwhile, Al takes a personal vacation - in the Bundy living room."
"Al must work at a gas station after Peggy and the kids buy too much junk food, which Al cannot pay for, so he has to work off his debt."
"The Bundys win a free trip to England, but the villagers of Lower Uncton, England, want to get rid of all male Bundys in the world to break a curse cast upon their village."
"The Bundys spend a day shopping in England before finally going to Lower Uncton, not knowing what awaits them."
"Al has to joust for his and his family's life in a medieval tournament in Lower Uncton."
Season 7 - Married... with Children
"Al is shocked about having another kid when Peggy's relatives leave their five-year-old son Seven in the Bundy home."
"Kelly has to walk through the wilderness after dumping her boyfriend in the forest. Al and Peg try to talk their marriage alive, but without success. Bud dates a girl with the measles."
"Peggy discovers that Seven does not know when his birthday is, and the family decides to celebrate him... on Al's birthday."
"Al has to take a job as a topless bartender to pay for Seven's doctor bill, but Peggy fears that Bud and Kelly might make Seven sick, and kicks them out of the house."
"Peggy tries to make Al more interested in having sex with her by purchasing new dresses, unsucessfully."
"Bud starts his own fraternity to get women."
"The Bundys vote against a two cent beer tax."
"Al makes Kelly get a job, so she becomes a waitress."
"Al and the family try to sneak into the first class lounge by dressing up like rock stars."
"Al buys a cemetery plot so that he will be buried next to a western movie star and a mule. But Peggy feels excluded."
"Bud gets a huge money grant to go to college, but Al and Peggy spend it all on items for themselves."
"Al remembers how the Bundys celebrated Christmas over the years."
"Al becomes frustrated when Peggy can't decide what to wear to a family wedding. Meanwhile, Bud gets to know the bride and Kelly spends time with the bridesmaids."
"Peggy and Marcy ruin Al's fishing trip by constantly fighting. Meanwhile, Jefferson and the kids spend Marcy's money."
"Kelly buys a motorcycle, which upsets the rest of the family who find it unsafe."
"Peggy creates a cartoon character named Mr. Empty Pants, who bears a strange resemblance to Al."
"Bud appears on a game show for single men. Meanwhile, Al and Peg doesn't sleep for days and Kelly fears that there is a conspiracy against her."
"Peggy tells Seven a fantasy store about pirates and beautiful princesses."
"Al competes in an athletic championship for seniors."
"Al ends up being sued by a burglar after Al punches him while he breaks into the Bundy house."
"The Bundys go to the movie theater for Kelly's birthday and they see her boyfriend with another woman."
"Al's lack of performance in the bedroom makes him the laugh of the town, so Al sets his mind on getting back in shape."
"Al plans on retiring early, but Peggy spends too much money shopping and he must get a job at Homeplate Athletic Shoes."
"Al tries to scam the insurance company when the Dodge is stolen."
"Bud's cousin shows up angry after finding out that someone slept with his wife before their wedding... not knowing that that person is Bud."
"Al's old girlfriend wants to buy Al from Peggy for $500,000."
Season 8 - Married... with Children
"When Al and Peggy go to a basketball game, Peggy switches seats with Al and her seat is chosen for a $10,000 free throw contest."
"Al helps his childhood girlfriend deal with a young tough guy and his gang."
"The family thinks Bud is insane when they overhear him talking to himself in his room."
"When the Bundys start having good luck, Al remembers the Bundy Curse and realizes he is doomed."
"Marcy tries to imagine being in the bedroom to improve her ability to speak in front of large audiences, but her fantasies tend to go a little too wild."
"Kelly and Bud buy a car to share, but sharing a car leads to fighting, and the Bundy children has to double date."
"While Bud, Kelly and Peggy spend the night impersonating the Village People at the D'Arcy's Halloween party, the Grim Reaper visits Al."
"Al tries to help a young man forget the idea of marriage. Meanwhile, Kelly gets stung by bees and becomes crazy."
"Women take over the nudie bar and the bowling alley, so Al starts an organization called \"\"NO MA'AM.\"\""
"Peggy and Marcy make Al and Jefferson abandon their plans of going to a new sports bar to instead go see The Jeffersons live."
"Buck runs away from home and ends up at a dog pound."
"Al ends up being circumcised after the surgeons misread the doctor's instructions."
"Kelly and Bud try to sneak a jukebox, their Christmas present for Al and Peggy, into the house on Christmas Eve while Al and Peggy argue over channel surfing."
"While Al and Peggy are away at a family reunion, Kelly's boyfriend ruins Peggy's couch. Bud and Kelly have to find a new couch similar to the one they had."
"Al is annoyed when the mall hangs a billboard sized picture of Peggy next to the shoe store."
"A dispute over whether an apple tree belongs to the D'Arcys or the Bundys leads to a feud between the two families."
"Bud tries to find an old valentine, whose letter Kelly forgot to give him years ago. Meanwhile, Al shops for Valentine's Day gifts to give to Peggy."
"Al will get a new Viper for his Dodge if he lets people film a video of the Dodge crossing the 1 million mile mark. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to find Waldo."
"Al's high school football field will be destroyed for an auto shop, so he protests. Meanwhile, Kelly tests a new bug spray on Bud and Buck, which has unwanted effects."
"Al is offered $50,000 dollars to reveal the identity of Jefferson, who is revealed to be a spy."
"Peggy must convince Al to come home for a \u201cnooner\u201d in order to win a big radio contest. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly wait in a very long line to buy concert tickets."
"Al's carpool, consisting of him and three models, is chosen to promote a campaign to clean up Chicago."
"Al loses his precious parking space after insulting a fat woman, which leads to \"\"No Ma'am\"\" seeking out to find a guru, Ironhead Haynes, and seek his advice."
"When Al tries to change some batteries, the computer locks him inside a store. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud celebrate Buck's birthday."
"Al convinces Jefferson to bet on a football game, but the star of the football team starts dating Kelly, and it interrupts his training."
"Al teaches Kelly about sports, so she can be on a sports trivia game show."
Season 9 - Married... with Children
"After finding a box of old shoes, Al and Jefferson turn the shoe store into a 70's themed retro shoe store."
"Al must renew his drivers license... and Bud is his driving instructor."
"Kelly's zit ruins her beer commercial."
"Bud needs some quite time to study for an exam, but ends up spending the night with Marcy's niece Amber."
"NO MA'AM counter-protests against Marcy and company when Al banishes a customer for nursing her baby. Meanwhile, train accidents delay Peggy's trip home."
"Al turns the store into a man's shoe store in an attempt to get rid of the women."
"Bud gets assigned to the Virgin hotline, but has problems doing his duties. Al and Peggy have problems deciding what movie to rent at the video store."
"Al has to lie in bed next to Marcy while Jefferson switches Marcy's valuable Barbie doll, that Jefferson just bought her, for a regular one."
"Kelly reveals a bit too much about her family when she auditions for a part in a sitcom, and the producers base the new sitcom on the Bundy household."
"Al's high school plays a football game against their rival school."
"When the national baseball league go on a strike, NO MA'AM organizes their own league sponsored by nudie bars."
"Al's organization, NO MA'AM, leads a strike when Al's favorite show, Psycho Dad, is cancelled."
"Thanks to Jefferson, Al gets to talk to the U.S. Senate about Psycho Dad's cancellation."
"Peggy and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial."
"Kelly must learn how to fire a bow in order to get a part in a commercial."
"On their way to Wanker County, the Bundys stop at the car wash, where their Dodge disappears."
"Al's in trouble when Buck buries his anniversary gift for Peggy in the backyard."
"The Bundys and D'Arcys go on a Caribbean cruise."
"The Bundys' and D'Arcy's Caribbean cruise is ruined when the ship sinks."
"Al is all excited when Kelly's acting instructor Larry Storch is coming to the house."
"Peggy wins $10,000 playing Bingo. Meanwhile, NO MA'AM chooses their official beer."
"While Al and his friends tries to find out what a light switch in the Bundy house do, Bud experiences cyber sex... with Amber."
"Al and Kelly make a short film about shoes, and they end up getting $10,000 dollars to produce another one."
"In an attempt for a spinoff, we follow the lives of DJs Oliver Cole and Mark Campbell at a local radio station at Bud's college. Oliver and Mark risk being expelled for revealing the truth about dean Steve Rhoades' past."
"Al can't wear shoes because of his phony lawsuit against the mall."
"A twelve year old boy with a crush on Kelly gets her to go to his junior prom with him."
Season 10 - Married... with Children
"Al is excited when Bud decides to move out, but a bit disappointed when Bud moves back in to the basement, and even more horrified when Peg's mother comes to live with them after splitting up with Peg's father."
"When Al suggests an aerobics studio for the open lot next door, he puts peep holes in the wall, but all of the students are fat."
"Buck dies and is reassigned to the Bundys in the form of a puppy, Lucky."
"Al becomes a priest when NO MA'AM forms its own church to avoid a beer tax."
"While researching for her new part of playing a scientist, Kelly discovers the new color bleen. Al finds that bleen grows hair."
"Al says he thinks women are weak when Peggy and Marcy begin taking a self defense class. But a newscrew labels Al as weak when Peggy punches a man trying to steal Al's wallet."
"To join NO MA'AM, Bud must get his picture taken with wrestler King Kong Bundy."
"At their high school reunion, Kelly and her best friends compete for the rich nerd whom Kelly teased in high school. Meanwhile, Marcy's bank holds a \"\"Guns for Toys\"\" drive."
"Al and Jefferson's fishing lodge is taken away by a famous actress, but Jefferson plots revenge, and a small fortune, when they find out that they unknowingly took a nude picture of the actress. Kelly and Bud try to get Lucky a part in a dog food commercial."
"Marcy tries to do her best to stop it when her bank wants to dedicate a scoreboard at Polk High... to Al."
"Al and Bud go hunting with Peggy's dad so that he well get back together with her mother."
"Al, Peggy, and her parents go to a marriage retreat and water park to get her parents back together. Meanwhile, Kelly has a guy she likes, Carlos, who agrees to date her if Bud can amuse his sister."
"Al's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Butter at a 1-900 phone sex line, but Al finds out that the woman is Peg's mother."
"Bud borrows money from the mob for Kelly's exercise video, but when she has a disagreement with the male lead in the video the mob says they will kill Bud if the video isn't finished. Meanwhile, Al and Jefferson try to install a satellite dish."
"Bud has until 5:00 PM to finish the video, but Kelly keeps having fights with the other person in the video. Meanwhile, Peggy and Marcy think Al and Jefferson can't figure out the satellite dish, but they are really hiding from their wives on the roof."
"Al convinces Bud to make a calendar with beautiful women in order to win a rivalry."
"On their anniversary, Jefferson plans to surprise Marcy with a tattoo, but the tattoo artist accidently writes \"\"I LOVE MARY\"\"."
"During Spring Break, Kelly and friends seduce Bud and friends' airline tickets and hotel reservations at Fort Lauderdale. Al, Jefferson, and Griff go to Fort Lauderdale to judge a bikini contest. When Marcy sees Jefferson and Al on a Spring Break TV special, she heads out to Fort Lauderdale with Bud and friends."
"When Al finds that the bikini competition Jefferson is judging has a $10,000 prize, he has Kelly enter and Griff and him become judges to pick Kelly. When, Marcy, Bud, and friends finally arrive at Fort Lauderdale, she tries to ruin Al's scheme."
"Marcy tries to convince Al to sell his Dodge to Marcy's boss, a big collector of classic cars."
"Al's construction of a dog house for Lucky is constantly abrupted when a building instructor hired by Marcy complains about every little detail."
"In another spinoff attempt, Kelly ends up in the middle of a couple."
"Sex gets in the way of Bud studying for his finals, and he risks being expelled when he is caught in the school library."
"Al and Marcy are angry when they find Kelly and Jefferson must kiss for a coffee commercial."
"Al helps Griff win a trip to Atlanta for the Olympic games by helping him answer questions on a radio sports quiz."
"An old friend of Peggy's comes to seduce Al and he plays along since he thinks it is one of Jefferson's practical jokes."
Season 11 - Married... with Children
"The neighbors take refuge from a twister."
"Al and Griff blackmail Gary, because of a bad promotion contest, when they find the shoes from the shoe store are made by children in sweatshops. Meanwhile, Peggy wins a microwave and Kelly and her try to hide it from Al."
"Kelly must sign a morals clause when she gets a commercial part playing a nun. Meanwhile, Al gets to be on Cops as Officer Dan's partner."
"Al's Dodge starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it while he recalls the good old days in his Dodge."
"Al buries the Dodge and leases a new sports car. Meanwhile, Peggy digs up the Dodge so she can sell the engine."
"Al goes to look for his aunt's pie, but finds she is dead."
"Peggy and Kelly both enter a singing contest when they are on vacation in Missouri."
"Al and Griff are fired during the holidays and have to take small jobs in the mall. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene and Peggy enters the neighborhood Christmas decoration contest."
"Al is sued by all of the overweight women he has insulted in the past, and they hold a trial in the shoe store. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud tint the windows on Al's car for his birthday gift."
"When Peggy gets amnesia, Al turns her into the perfect wife, which makes everyone happy, except Marcy."
"After Al tells Bud to lower his standards in women, Bud starts dating Al's boss Gary."
"Bud asks Al to repair the basement after Al starts charging him rent. When Al refuses, Bud calls a health inspector who makes Al live in the basement after it is deemed uninhabitable."
"Seeking regular meals, Al and Griff join the army, but end up having to help with a garbage strike."
"Al and Peggy split up after seeing a marriage counselor. Kelly must learn to box to get a part in a movie."
"Al moves into a room in the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy finds a new boyfriend."
"Kelly and Bud finds that Peggy's new boyfriend will force them to work if he marries Peggy."
"A disguised Peggy starts dancing at the nudie bar, and Al loves her character, not knowing that it is Peggy."
"Kelly guest appears on a kiddie show, but ends up taking over the entire show. Al and Peggy get twin beds."
"Marcy gets Jefferson a membership to the health club and he becomes a spectacle there. Meanwhile, Bud directs when Al and Kelly star in a commercial for the shoe store."
"Marcy becomes jealous when her lesbian cousin, Mandy, comes to visit."
"Al makes a pact with the devil and gets to play for the Chicago Bears."
"Bud's pen-pal from prison and her boyfriend pay a visit to the Bundy household and takes the family hostage, but Kelly ends up falling in love with the boyfriend."
"With hours before Kelly's wedding, Al learns that Kelly's new beau is lusting for other women and since Kelly is his daughter, he takes offense to that."
"Al and Griff start a barter to get a massage chair. Meanwhile, Kelly gives massages to Bud."
"No description"