Liza on Demand

The misadventures of a woman named Liza on her quest to become an "elite tasker."

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Travis Coles

Director: Liza Koshy

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - Liza on Demand
"Liza\u2019s getting frustrated juggling all the gigs she has to hold down. Does she have so much side hustle that there\u2019s no time for main hustle? She\u2019s determined to find out, but she's distracted by a sick cat, a jigsaw puzzle, and a trip to the hottest dessert pop up in Los Angeles."
"Liza feels she\u2019s hit the \u201ctask ceiling\u201d when she keeps getting passed over for certain jobs simply because she\u2019s a woman. When she\u2019s harassed on the street by a random dude, Liza decides it\u2019s time to defend her quest for Elite Status."
"Liza blows off her high school reunion for a plant sitting job, which leads her back to high school anyway\u2026for the do-over she always wanted. Oliver and Harlow do taxes for Harlow\u2019s dog."
"Liza takes a job as a professional party guest, but this party definitely isn\u2019t one she\u2019d like to be associated with. Meanwhile, Harlow is having trouble tolerating her new chef boyfriend."
"It\u2019s the busiest tasking day of the year. Liza juggles a car full of romantic deliveries while trying to decide if that\u2019s something she even wants for herself, since Oliver and Harlow have blown off their \u201cPalentine\u2019s Day\u201d for dates of their own."
"Liza, Oliver and Harlow prepare for Harlow\u2019s birthday party, but Liza needs more time to shop for a gift while she works on a new business venture. She hires an assistant, Beth, who just moved to LA. But Beth may not be all that she seems."
"Liza is hired as a professional mourner and sees an opportunity to fix a long-standing one star rating she\u2019s received. Meanwhile, Harlow asks Oliver to be the guardian of Bark-Paul, and he's not exactly thrilled."
"Liza, Oliver and Harlow have one day to retrace their steps after a drunken night out and find Liza\u2019s missing phone so she can reach Elite Status by midnight."