A Lie to Die For


Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 5.2

Season 1 - A Lie to Die For
"High school sweethearts Lori and Mark Hacking seem to have the picture perfect marriage. But when a long-held secret starts to surface, it leaves one of them desperate enough to kill to stop it."
"An examination of the extreme lengths people will go to to keep their lies hidden; some of these lies are so life-changing that many people are willing to kill to protect themselves from the truth."
"Two detectives discover that Tim Wicks is living in two different communities, but don't know which one is the real Tim and which one is lying; the investigators uncover evidence of embezzlement and fraud that lead to murder."
"Lies, deception and a love triangle lead to the murder of a wealthy American on a road in Mexico."
"When a lie spins out of control, a day of celebration quickly turns into a West Virginia family\u2019s worst nightmare. A chilling 9-11 call tells one side of the story, but investigators eventually uncover a shocking twist they will never forget."
"When a young Marine goes missing, NCIS agents uncover a tragic mystery that stuns a Virginia Beach naval base. How can an online love affair result in the murder of an innocent victim?"
"When an arsonist's personal demons ignite a series of deadly fires, a horrifying secret life is ultimately revealed."
"A fairy tale romance turns into a deadly nightmare when a husband's secret past surfaces."
"A young entrepreneur decides to cash out and travel the world. After months of strange emails and unreturned phone calls, his family begins to dig deeper into his whereabouts. What they find is a shocking web of lies and deadly deceit."
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"A scientific breakthrough leads to cold-blooded murder when a financing scheme built on a web of lies is in danger of being discovered."
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