A Haunting

An American paranormal anthology previewing stories told by the victims. Victims tell their terrifing encounters with the paranormal. This show contains narrations, frightening reanactments, & religious content.

Genre: Documentary

Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2005

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - A Haunting
"In Connecticut, a family in an old farmhouse is harassed by unseen forces, so they contact psychic investigators to find out what is happening."
"A house called Summerwind in West Bay Lake, Wis., with a long and storied past filled with ghosts and mysterious occurrences."
"A historic Baltimore home contains objects that move by themselves."
"A home in Tucson exerts a strange aura and exhibits a shadowy figure."
"A family in a townhouse believes a female suicide victim is there, and that she has brought someone else with her."
"A ghostly warning at a haunted nightclub indicates that one of the owners is about to die."
Season 2 - A Haunting
"The owner of a country music dance hall becomes worried when his pregnant wife blames a dangerous fall on a ghost and his handyman exhibits signs of demonic possession."
"A girl who is unable to walk or talk becomes a human portal for a demon."
"A courier in Kentucky feels helpless when her small boy's invisible playmate proves to be a demon. Her old friend, a shaman, is her only hope of saving her son."
"A young couple with a new baby learns that the ghost of a seven-year-old girl named Sallie lives in their home. The wife is fascinated, but the husband is terrified."
"An American family moves into a mansion in Taiwan and soon learns the ghost-infested house was built to terrorize its occupants."
"A young boy joins his sister and her boyfriend as they spend the day cleaning their new rental house. Immediately, a demon in the house torments the boy and takes possession of him."
"A single mother of two girls discovers a photograph of her ex-boyfriend's brother, who died in the Vietnam. Soon the dead soldier is haunting her house."
"A family in Maryland find their new home is menaced by a pair of ghosts who attack them in their beds and throw things about the house."
"A haunted crawlspace and a sinister forest are the source of trouble-making spirits in Hinsdale, New York."
"An ex-army ranger can do nothing when his pregnant wife and baby daughter are threatened by the ghosts of a cigar-smoking man and a glaring old woman."
Season 3 - A Haunting
"A man and his three children are driven out of their house by unexplained noises and frightening visions, but ominous dreams send him back to help the new occupants."
"A single mother moves into a new house and soon comes to believe that the ghost of an old tenant who suffered a tragic death is still in the attic."
"A home in Corning, N.Y., harbors an evil spirit that is affecting a couple's relationship."
"A man unearths an Indian burial ground, and demons turn on his family and threaten their lives."
"Following the birth of a baby girl, a family in Galway, Ireland, is plagued by eerie sounds, flying objects and a mysterious orb."
"A woman, her two sons and fianc\u00e9 are forced from their Salt Lake City home by strange noises and violent apparitions, so they contact a psychic to cleanse the house."
"An English pub is haunted by the spirit of a mischievous young girl, but when the staff try to contact her, they unwittingly unleash the ghost of her murderer."
"Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel encounters demons while investigating a case, resulting in her having nightmares and being attacked by unseen entities, so she considers having an exorcism."
"A woman consults a demonologist after evil forces frighten her children."
"Renovations to a historic manor house are stymied by flickering lights and doors that don't stay shut until the owners discover it was built on an old cemetery."
Season 4 - A Haunting
"Cindy Sarro's boyfriend, Jake, surprises her and their two daughters with a new house. It seems perfect until she senses the presence of a demon that possesses Jake, who comes at her with an ax."
"A police dispatcher sees the spirits of a man and two women in her home and learns from a Bible-toting paranormal investigator that the male ghost is there to feed off her fear."
"A mother of two, happily married to her second husband, receives a bite mark from the ghost of a young boy, followed by frightening messages from the beyond."
"A young couple going to college in Seattle find their apartment is haunted by the ghosts of a frightened teenage boy and a cigarette-flicking gunman."
"The owner of a horse farm, with a business in training student boarders to compete horse-riding competitions, seeks the aid of a Shambhala practitioner to clear the property of trapped spirits."
"An 18th-century house in Arkansas comes complete with a portal from hell, which allows a demon to terrorize the young family that has just moved in."
"An aspiring writer develops an obsession with Wicca, which alienates her Christian son and unleashes powers that she can't control."
"A family of four makes a new home out of an old colonial house in Vermont, but their renovations unleash several restless spirits, including a pair of mischievous twin girls."
"A ghost hunter and ex-cop allows her son to join a nighttime investigation of a graveyard. The teenage boy's innocent use of a pair of divining rods allows a demon to attach itself to him."
"The ghost of a drug-related murder victim terrorizes a teenage girl in her bedroom."
"Examining the story of jazz guitarist Eddie Benitez, who moved his family to Tempe, Ariz., in 2005, but strange occurrences plagued the house and his son became gravely ill."
"A 20-year-old woman is terrified for, and of, her new roommate when his recent divorce and a diagnosis of blood cancer leave him vulnerable to a demon in their new apartment."
"Three teenage boys, with little else to do in the small town of Green Lake, Wisconsin, decide to spend Halloween night in the reputedly haunted Dartford Cemetery."
Season 5 - A Haunting
"A family's dream home in Michigan turns into a nightmare when strange things start to happen, particularly to their son."
"Season 5 begins with a single mother in Maryland asking for angelic help to fight what she believes to be a demon."
"Connecticut paranormal investigator Bob Baker calls for backup to get rid of a reported demon at his own mother's home."
"The owners of an Arkansas home that's said to be haunted explore the residence's history, which includes the violent death of a previous occupant."
"The story of an attorney from Michigan, who claims that he and his family experienced terrifying dreams and ghost sightings after moving into their home."
"A family claim that their dream house in Arkansas turned into a nightmare when supernatural forces threatened their daughters."
"A North Carolina couple call paranormal experts for help after they become convinced a dark force is messing with their children."
"A couple claim that the historic restaurant they purchased in Connecticut came with uninvited guests of the demonic kind that are threatening their staff and customers."
"A Georgia single mom coping with the sudden death of her husband enlists a pastor to perform an exorcism after becoming convinced that a dark force is haunting her."
"The story of a New Mexico woman who escapes a near-death experience only to find herself unable to shake the feeling that a dark force is threatening her."
Season 6 - A Haunting
"Season 6 begins with the story of a woman who rejected the advances of a friend, who then stole a piece of her hair and supposedly put a spell on her."
"A man's story of returning to his childhood home only to find it filled with alleged dark forces that are trying to kill him."
"An alleged ghostly encounter is recalled by a family whose teenage son dabbled in the occult."
"A couple recall how their dream home turned into a nightmare after an alleged demonic possession and attack in the sixth-season finale."
Season 7 - A Haunting
"Two different entities roam the property of a 200-year-old farmhouse, terrorizing the family living there. But they are determined to stay in the home, escalating the paranormal activity to threatening heights."
"Two brothers encounter a demonic entity in the woods surrounding their Florida home and confront their tormenter decades later."
"After a dark entity is awakened beneath a 19th century mansion, the Rice family experiences a terrifying haunting that forces them to abandon their dream house."
"A family\u2019s dream home quickly turns to their nightmare when they become the focus of an abusive ghost. When the haunting turns violent, they seek out an empathy and discover the dark history of the property."
"Fire reveals the dark and deadly past of a family's new home. They must find help before a demon claims their lives as well."
"John Drenner, Jr. finds a satanic bible and unwittingly unleashes a relentless demon that will stop at nothing to destroy him."
"When a relentless demon threatens to shatter the idyllic home life of the close-knit Cupit family they turn to a team of paranormal investigators and demonologist to battle the evil force and force it back into hell."
"When the Cain family moves into an Ohio farmhouse, they soon find out their idyilic home and property are haunted by ghosts of a brutal murder and a deadly blaze"
"When a family moves into a home with a dark, hidden history, they soon begin to realize they are not alone. Dark rituals and death have attracted evil to the home and it has the children in its sight."
"After a series of unexplained events, a young family discovers a long history of death connected to their new home and wonders if it\u2019s haunted. But when the family is attacked, they turn to investigators before a shape-shifting demon turns vicious."
"When Taylor Jones\u2019 estranged mother comes to visit, she opens their home up to the world of the undead. Taylor turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago."
"A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home."
"A young family senses a presence in their home. At first they suspect a prowler until they realize the house is haunted by a ghost who tragically died on the property. When things turn violent, will the family reclaim their home before it's too late?"
"After a chilling encounter with an Egyptian mummy, a young man is plagued by a vile creature that seeks to steal his soul."
"After a teenager experiments with the occult, darkness is attracted to her Alaskan home. It targets the family, driving them apart before attacking. As it grows stronger the family realizes their lives are at risk, and turn to experts for help."
"A family discovers a secret room in their new home, enraging a volatile ghost who will stop at nothing to drive them out."
Season 8 - A Haunting
"A teenager with paranormal abilities matches wits against a cagey demon intent on engineering the teen's demise when Season 8 begins."
"A family find an evil necklace while renovating a relative's home, and end up bringing a dark entity into their own house, which is why they've contacted a demonologist for help."
"What seems like a dream home in rural Indiana quickly turns into something darker when the new owner experiences unexplained voices and scents, which lead her to believe the house is haunted by the ghost of the previous occupant."
"A family worry about the negative effect an imaginary friend, which they soon come to believe is an angry ghost, is having on their daughter."
"A woman assumes orbs she notices in some photos are images of friendly spirits. However, when a dark entity begins tormenting her family, she realizes they are dealing with evil and steps need to be taken to protect her loved ones."
"Candace and John St. Clair explore a tunnel with a gruesome history; an uninvited guest follows them home."
"A couple move into a home with a tragic history and soon come to believe that it's haunted. After several attacks, they call paranormal investigators for help, but a careless mistake could make things worse."
"A home is invaded by what is believed to be a demon hell-bent on hurting the members of a family one by one."
"After a menacing Nazi soldier seeks vengeance for his death and threatens an innocent couple, they seek help to make peace with his ghost."
"A woman suspects that her late husband is haunting her home. But then an incident involving her daughter makes her wonder if she's dealing with an evil entity."
Season 9 - A Haunting
"A new season begins with with a family who believe the ghost in their home is harmless until the children feel threatened, which prompts a plea to the Catholic Church to rid them of this demon."
"An attractive teenage girl is haunted by an unknown presence with inappropriate intentions that threaten to tear her family apart."
"A tormented teen's ghost disrupts a young family's life in their new home."
"Newlyweds are unnerved by a dangerous paranormal presence that they need to get rid of before their first child is born."
"A mother and daughter agree that their house is definitely haunted, though the former thinks it's the spirit of her murdered boyfriend, while the latter believes it's something much more sinister."
"A man moves into a house that's believed to be haunted by dark entities that have been preying on the property's residents for years."
"A woman buys a fixer-upper on Long Island after her firefighter husband dies in the line of duty, but the renovations uncover evidence of a dark history on the property."
"Communicating with a ghost is a pleasant experience for three siblings until it opens a door for all spirits\u2014good and evil."
"A woman who was tormented as a child has to deal with an old spirit that resurfaces to haunt her family."
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Season 10 - A Haunting
"When a man's beloved father dies, he falls into a deep depression that renders him vulnerable to an unearthly evil who will stop at nothing to make him a pawn in its relentless thirst for misery and murder."
"When a woman experiences paranormal activity inside her family's new home, she suspects spirits tied to the historic Victorian's past. She soon fears something far more sinister is lurking after an unseen entity attacks her in bed."
"A single mother of three relocates her family for a fresh start, but her dream turns to a nightmare when they are antagonized by multiple entities. Desperate to keep her children safe, she finds a paranormal team who reveal the true evil in the home."
"As Deborah Utley begins experiencing paranormal events in her home, she turns to her faith for protection. But when her children are targeted by the entity she seeks the aid of paranormal investigators to end the cycle of terror."
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"A woman makes the harrowing discovery that her new home harbors a paranormal portal.\n\nEven more shocking, the activity has awakened her dormant ability as a psychic medium, forcing her to learn how to live with her newfound power to see the dead."
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Season 11 - A Haunting
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