A Black Lady Sketch Show

A half-hour sketch comedy written by and starring Robin Thede.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Robin Thede

Country: N/A

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - A Black Lady Sketch Show
"Maya makes a confession in a support group. Trinity the Invisible Spy meets her match. Drea confronts a dance moves thief. A world-renowned \u201cphilosophizer\u201d promotes her masterclass."
"Shayla forgoes her makeup to her coworker\u2019s dismay. Trinity hunts down an elusive villain known as The Recluse. Contestants perform at the Basic Ball."
"Asia finds herself on the receiving end of a viral proposal. New recruits discuss goals at a gang orientation. Dr. Haddassah turns a wedding toast into a teachable moment."
"A divorce party spirals out of control. The tragic tale of Rome & Julissa. A frustrated air passenger seeks a sympathetic customer service rep. Denise tries to prevent her breakup side-effect."
"A pastor tries to take back control of a church potluck. Elementary school students notice a change in their teacher. Jackie receives a chilly reception at her hometown high school."
"Two friends visit a new black-owned business. A mother and daughter compete on \u201cGet the Belt.\u201d Tensions rise between Ashley, Gabrielle, Quinta and Robin."
Season 2 - A Black Lady Sketch Show
23 Apr 2021
30 Apr 2021
07 May 2021
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